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我們在嵌合抗原受體 T 細胞治療 (CAR T) 方面處於領先地位。您也可以。這種新興免疫療法對患者本身的 CD4+ 和 CD8+ T 細胞進行重新編碼,以識別和攻擊癌症。現在,我們正在透過一些臨床試驗探索更多的可能性。隨著公司規模的不斷擴大,我們正在尋找注重品質、充滿激情的員工來幫助公司進一步深入發展。現在,展現您對創新的熱愛和對在這個激動人心的領域產生影響的渴望吧!

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New State-of-the-Art Facility

Construction is underway for a new cell therapy manufacturing facility in Devens, MA. This is a part of Bristol Myers Squibb’s significant investment to support clinical and commercial manufacturing of transformative cell therapies for patients with aggressive hematological cancers. The Devens site will be equipped to enable quick ramp up of capacity for clinical and commercial cell therapy products. Manufacturing cell therapies is both operationally and technically complex because they are manufactured uniquely for each individual patient, and it is critical for companies to develop a reliable, quality supply and rapid turnaround time.

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BMS is Planting a Flag in Europe with Leiden Manufacturing Facility

BMS has expanded into The Netherlands with a state-of-the-art CAR T Cell Therapy manufacturing facility at Leiden BioScience Park to continue making advancements. With innovative technologies and cutting-edge production equipment, the new site will empower our team to research and develop potentially life-saving treatments for patients with many types of cancer.

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