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Working in Finland

We create innovative medicines for patients who fight serious diseases. In addition, we contribute to the development of our diverse group by providing inspiring work and challenging career opportunities. Each of us, regardless of their role, makes our own contribution to the work. This all brings about change.

Our mission is to invent, develop and market innovative drugs that help patients fight serious diseases. If this feels like an important job for you, we may have just the right job for you.

With BMS, you can work in various positions in Finland, the Nordic countries and around the world. We want employees who are motivated and innovative and who have the ability to perceive signals and needs from the world around them and act on them. We value the ability to collaborate with both small and large groups, either locally or internationally.

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Why Bristol Myers Squibb?

A clear goal. Participatory culture. Opportunity to work at the top of your field. Here are just a few examples of the reasons that make Bristol Myers Squibb just the right choice as you move forward in your career.

Bristol Myers Squibb gives you the opportunity to learn and grow professionally with smart, creative and talented colleagues who are committed to helping patients fight serious diseases.

Work means a lot - so do the people we work with. Your future colleagues at Bristol Myers Squibb will impact people’s lives every day. Whether it’s bringing more than a dozen key drugs to market or expanding access to drugs among patients, our commitment to patients leads us to develop innovation in our research and guide our operations as responsible corporate citizens. We support community-based projects around the world to reduce health inequalities.

The opportunity to affect the lives of many people… also yours

Find an interesting job at BMS

Bristol Myers Squibb is a global biopharmaceutical company that invents, develops and markets innovative drugs that help patients fight serious diseases.

We encourage people to do their best.

Our company has an inspiring atmosphere in which employees are encouraged to come up with innovative ideas, strengthen their skills and achieve valuable, diverse experiences that will shape their careers. Encouraging people to achieve their best is extremely important to the growth of our company and the leadership of the biopharmaceutical industry.

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In the end, it is always a question of patients

Our drugs help millions of patients around the world with problems such as oncology, cardiovascular disease, immunology and fibrosis.

Multiculturalism and equality

Our staff is diverse in order to create a corporate culture that is flexible, entrepreneurial and responsible We want to hire the right person for the right job and we therefore welcome people from as diverse cultures, religions, nationalities, etc. as possible. Diversity and culture help us achieve our goals. As many of our employees cross national borders, it is important to accept local culture and act in accordance with environmental values. Equality is also important and not just a theoretical dream. We put it into practice all the time.

Innovative Science is Our Passion

See our Research & Development (R&D) efforts to address significant unmet medical needs.

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Personal development and career advancement

We provide a working environment where everyone is encouraged to develop their knowledge and skills. Everyone gets a chance to develop themselves and change jobs. We encourage initiative to find a career path. We want to encourage our employees to come up with ideas, because as a leading biopharmaceutical company, we need new innovations because the world around us is constantly changing.

We want our employees to feel that their private and professional lives are in balance. This will be taken care of by both the employee and the company.

The work environment is international and many of our employees are members of international teams. We work in a global world that is constantly changing and requires a lot of knowledge.

Bristol Myers Squibb has high ethical standards. Through our many internal processes, we ensure that everything we do adheres to high ethical standards.

Bristol Myers Squibb has about 200 employees in the Nordic countries, of which about 30 work in Finland. The Nordic headquarters are in Solna, next to Stockholm.

Our Finnish premises are in Espoo. As a modern biopharmaceutical company, we offer our employees the opportunity to work either in an office in Espoo or at least part of a week away from home.

We want to hire the right person for the right job. People from different cultures, religions and nationalities are welcome. Diversity and culture help us achieve our goals. Because many of our employees cross national borders, it is important to accept local culture and act in accordance with environmental values. Equality is also important and not just a theoretical dream. We put it into practice all the time.

We work in accordance with our values ​​and responsibly to fulfill the promises of our corporate responsibility. Every day, our employees around the world carry out our missions to help patients fight serious illnesses. All of our employees are evaluated in accordance with these principles throughout the year.

Our medicines improve the quality of life of millions of people. Our research and development of medicines is based on this idea. We are proud of our achievements so far. Since 2002, we have introduced 15 new drugs to treat patients. Our product development pipeline is one of the most productive in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our foundation funds several global programs to support the treatment of various diseases. In 2006-2012, the Nordic countries participated in the Nordic Secure the Future grant program, in which experienced infection physicians and nurses traveled to Africa to treat HIV / AIDS patients. 24 doctors and nurses had time to treat the sick in Africa.

Since 2013, we have supported hospital clowns in all Nordic countries. Clowns do an important job of providing joy medicine to sick children. We believe that our drugs, found through lengthy studies, work even better with a pleasure drug.


Developing Our People

Our mission to enhance the lives of our patients requires an investment in a strong learning culture. By providing valuable learning opportunities, connecting you to your passion, and helping you achieve your personal aspirations, we are empowering you to make a difference.

Access thousands of interactive online resources to gain the skills you need, when you need them. Our expansive library of resources covers a wide range of special interest topics in multiple languages through a variety of top learning and development resources powered by LinkedIn Learning.

Engage with instructors and fellow students for half-day or up to three-day programs in a virtual or classroom setting.

  • Leadership & Management Programs:

    Empowering you to tackle important business issues, develop inclusive leadership skills and helping you to advance your career to meet your aspirations.
    1. Catalyst and Talent Accelerator: unique programs designed to accelerate the leadership potential of high performing individuals to drive global innovation and business results.
    2. Insights for Success: We are committed to creating an inclusive environment and have invested in training for women and underrepresented groups. Our Insights for Success program is offered to diverse employees to enhance their organizational and personal career success and ensure equitable leadership throughout the company.
    3. General Manager Development: We partner with the premier CEDEP organization to build our future General Manager talent through this internationally recognized program.
  • Building Manager Capability: We are committed to cultivating the growth of our managers and senior leaders through providing virtual and in-classroom learning for new, experienced managers and senior leaders.
  • Tuition reimbursement is available to eligible employees who, through their own initiation and desire for development, participate in accredited educational programs that their manager deems will be mutually beneficial to BMS and the employee.
  • Up to 100% of qualifying tuition costs may be covered, based upon manager discretion and budget. Employees must meet all eligibility requirements in order to qualify.

We believe people learn the most through on-the-job experiences. With support and coaching from your colleagues, you’re encouraged to take on stretch assignments that maximize your learning experience.

Our work is challenging and you shouldn't have to go it alone. Connect with a more experienced colleague to be your sounding board and to help guide you forward. In addition to day-to-day coaching and mentoring, members of People and Business Resource Groups are provided mentor/mentee learning and development among employees on a global scale.