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Buscamos personas que quieran cambiar vidas. Personas audaces, centradas, innovadoras y apasionadas que aporten talentos únicos a la misión del equipo. Estamos comprometidos a reclutar, desarrollar y retener a los mejores talentos para que puedan perseguir ideas innovadoras y desempeñarse lo mejor posible. Súmese a nuestro equipo para transformar las vidas de los pacientes a través de la ciencia.

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Employment Information

With the mission of helping patients with serious illnesses, Bristol Myers Squibb is part of a team that is at the forefront of the industry, providing an environment for professional learning and growth. The experience of doing great work with great colleagues is not available everywhere.

Career recruitment

Please proceed from here to apply for mid-career recruitment currently being recruited.

Hiring new graduates

Those who are planning to graduate / complete university / graduate school from April 2021 to March 2022 (regardless of literacy)




Diversity & Inclusion

Bristol Myers Squibb believes that human resources are its greatest asset. Innovation by accepting not only gender, nationality, and age, but also the diversity of individual values, ways of thinking, and personality, and providing opportunities for each person to participate in and contribute to the organization in their own way, as well as "diversity" that makes the most of each person's human resources. We are also working to promote “inclusion” that promotes mutual growth.

To be a better, more flexible and more diverse company

  • Remove gender barriers:
    We have created an environment where people can play an active role regardless of gender, overcoming life events such as childbirth and childcare.
  • Remove age barriers:
    We are promoting early training of young employees, measures to expand the opportunities for senior employees to play active roles, and post-retirement reemployment programs to utilize the knowledge and abilities of seniors.
  • Remove walls between departments:
    We provide support for career development by gaining experience while transferring between departments.

Specific Initiatives for Diversity & Inclusion Activities



Initiatives ① Job challenge system

Introducing a system that recommends career paths to gain experience while transferring between departments, and educational programs and tools to support them.


Initiative ② Support for compatibility with life events (childbirth and childcare)

We have built the necessary support to return to work after taking leave due to childbirth and childcare, continue working for a long time, and demonstrate further performance.


Initiative ③ Support for female managers

Build the support that women need to become managers and to continue to perform after they become managers.


Effort ④ Support for compatibility with long-term care

Building the necessary support so that employees who need family care and nursing can continue to work for a long time and demonstrate their performance.


Support for diversity activities

Bristol Myers Squibb supports Deaf Soccer (Deaf Soccer) and Deaf Futsal (Def Futsal) in Japan!

Sponsorship activities

As part of promoting diversity and inclusion, we support sports for people with disabilities. In support of the vision of the Japan Deaf Football Association, Realizing a society in which deaf and healthy people coexist through deaf soccer and futsal," the Japanese national team for deaf men's and women's soccer and men's and women's futsal We support activities as a special sponsor.

Deaf soccer is soccer for hearing-impaired people, and it is also called "soundless soccer" because it is obligatory to remove hearing aids during competition, but it looks like soccer for healthy people. There is no difference. Communicate by eye contact or sign language on the pitch, and the referee uses both the whistle and the flag.

























System to support employees

We believe that it is important for each employee to be able to work with a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment in order to deliver tomorrow's hopes to patients. In addition to fulfilling our work responsibilities, we have created an environment in which diverse lifestyles can be selected and realized according to each stage of life, such as child-rearing and long-term care, and various systems are in place to support them.

We are enhancing the "working environment and systems" necessary for all employees to advance their careers.

  • MR support
    Company car system (available on holidays), rental company housing system, transfer allowance, single transfer system, separation allowance, transfer leave
  • Flexible work style
    Work from home, flextime system
  • health
    Human dock subsidy, regular examination, lifestyle-related disease examination, gynecological examination assistance, various examination assistance (hepatitis virus, HIV, colorectal cancer, breast cancer examination), health examination special leave, influenza vaccination assistance
  • refresh
    Simultaneous paid leave system, paid leave promotion day, club activity support, paid personal injury and illness absenteeism, paid leave, return support program, EAP dial, industrial doctor, holiday travel leave for business trip
  • Other benefits
    Commuting allowance, transfer attendance allowance, long-term service commendation system

We support affluent life by supporting compatibility with life events and preparing for risks in the unlikely event.

Life event support

  • marriage
    Wedding gifts, celebration holidays
  • Childbirth / childcare
    Spouse's maternity leave, prenatal leave, prenatal and postnatal leave, maternity congratulations, child allowance, childcare leave, childcare time, childcare leave, maternity leave and postnatal childcare leave
  • Long-term care
    Nursing care leave
  • Condolence
    Condolence money, funeral expenses loan, mourning leave
  • Property formation
    Retirement pension system, property accumulation savings, housing allowance

Welfare Club

Various social insurance (health insurance, long-term care insurance, welfare pension, etc.), work accident leave, commuting accident leave, disaster relief loan, disaster condolence money, disaster leave, general welfare group term life insurance, group accident insurance, medical expenses loan, personal injury and illness Paid absentee system

Civil rights exercise / public leave, menstrual leave, donor leave, in-house volunteer leave


About social contribution activities

Introducing our social contribution activities.

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