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Career Insights from Three Women Leaders Thriving at BMS

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March 25 2022

One of the best ways to drive business performance is to embrace and champion gender diversity. At BMS, women can find a variety of opportunities to develop, advance, and fulfill their career goals. From Clinical Research and Project Management to Medicinal Chemistry and Legal, women are thriving in all areas of BMS—and doing some of the most interesting work of their careers while transforming lives.


Many of our highest-achieving female leaders are eager to share their inspiration and advice with the next generation of innovators. We’ve collected some of their insights in our series “Her Perspective.”

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Tina Deignan, Ph.D., senior vice president, U.S. Immunology

Adopting a self-advocate mindset: The value of speaking up and asking for what you want


Tina Deignan, Ph.D., senior vice president, U.S. Immunology, is passionate about defining business opportunities that help serve patients and building strong, collaborative teams that value innovation. In her current role, Tina leads the U.S. Immunology strategy, organization, and capabilities in preparation for future drug launches. She shared with us her experience finding her voice and strengths, noting, “Understanding your skill set and self-advocating are essential skills if we’re going to reach our career goals and be effective in our work.” 


Read more about what Tina had to say.

Tackling Mount Kilimanjaro and your career journey

“The most challenging thing in life is to have a vision, a clear view of the direction you want to take. The rest is execution,” shared Siyuan Chen, general manager, BMS Mainland China and Hong Kong. Siyuan is the leader helping propel BMS China to become a biopharma leader, by reinforcing its innovation in key areas, including immuno-oncology and immunology. After climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, she found herself reflecting on the similarities between our professional paths and life challenges (like her hike).

Discover more of Siyuan’s advice.

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Siyuan Chen, general manager, BMS Mainland China and Hong Kong

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Cathryn Shaw-Reid, vice president, Drug Substance Biologics Manufacturing

Leading with Flexibility and Authenticity: Advice from Cathryn Shaw-Reid

Cathryn Shaw-Reid, vice president, Drug Substance Biologics Manufacturing, shared that her leadership qualities first began to emerge during her high school days on the basketball team and as head of the School’s Leadership Development Steering Committee. Her leadership skills and traits have evolved since then, and it was stepping into her current role that crystallized three pieces of advice she has for thriving at work and connecting with colleagues.

Read about Cathryn’s three pieces of advice.


At BMS, we understand the importance of developing and advancing women’s careers—not only because it’s the right thing to do, but also because it makes good business sense. Having diverse

perspectives sets us up to meet our business objectives, which ultimately center on bringing transformative medicines to patients around the world.

Explore career opportunities at BMS and bring your unique talents and diverse perspectives to our mission. Here career development and leadership support await you. From scientific research and marketing to finance and analytics you can make a positive impact here. Find your next opportunity at

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