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From Classroom to Career Path: Alaina Guzman’s Inspirational Journey

August 10, 2023
CultureEarly CareerHuman ResourcesIntern/Co-opMarketing
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I began my college journey as a chemistry major, with the goal of joining the pharmaceutical industry and pursuing a science-related career. As of late January 2023, I’ve been fortunate to land a position as a recruitment marketing Co-Op in Bristol Myers Squibb's Talent Acquisition organization. This opportunity aligned with my final semester of undergraduate studies. While it was a daunting task to tackle both 18 credits and a job, I remained determined and was up for the challenge. My supportive and brilliant colleagues at BMS constantly inspired me, while simultaneously igniting my determination to carve a successful path for myself. Today I proudly hold a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, with a dual major in public relations and advertising, complemented by a minor in chemistry.

Alaina Guzman, Recruitment Marketing Co-Op at BMS in Lawrenceville, NJ
Alaina Guzman, Recruitment Marketing Co-Op at BMS in Lawrenceville, NJ

I have discovered an inspirational workplace dynamic at BMS, where everyone I meet is passionate, dedicated, and working toward our mission to discover, develop, and deliver innovative medicines that help patients prevail over serious diseases. This mission is a part of what makes working at Bristol Myers Squibb so amazing and continues to keep me motivated toward doing my best at work each day.

As a recruitment marketing Co-Op, I had the privilege of supporting Sharon Tisdale-Reis, Senior Manager of Employer Brand and Recruitment Marketing, in developing and implementing captivating talent attraction campaigns and compelling storytelling content.

By building my expertise in content marketing, employer branding, and social media, I was able to help raise awareness of BMS as an employer of choice, ultimately driving engagement among job candidates. I also led the development of a special edition BMS Career Stories Blog article series and social media campaign featuring BMS interns to increase awareness of STEM career opportunities for young professionals.

My day-to-day involved collaborating closely with Talent Acquisition, Corporate Affairs colleagues, our agency partners, and BMS People & Business Resource Groups. Together we brought to life captivating story ideas that laid the foundation for meeting our objectives. In my role, I contributed my perspective on story ideas and contributed to the story development process. For many stories, I took the lead in publishing the finalized article to the careers.bms.com website and prepared social media campaigns for launch.

From the very beginning of my Co-Op, I have been incredibly fortunate to receive invaluable guidance and wisdom from exceptional individuals, particularly my manager, Sharon. As a first-generation college student in my family, my knowledge of career success, resume building, LinkedIn basics, and the inner workings of corporate companies was limited before joining BMS. However, Sharon dedicated her time and knowledge to help me not only succeed during my time here but also prepare for my future beyond the Co-Op. I am profoundly grateful for the wealth of knowledge I have gained through her mentorship.

The welcoming culture within BMS has been greatly appreciated and reminds me of the camaraderie in school. The architectural brilliance and incorporation of cutting-edge technology in BMS's campus designs, particularly the Lawrenceville, NJ location, make the workplace an inspiring environment to be in every day. The thoughtfulness and support of BMS employees facilitated a smooth transition from being a full-time student to becoming a full-time Co-Op.

The most profound lesson I learned during my Co-Op at Bristol Myers Squibb was to believe in myself and recognize my full potential. Initially, I attended meetings with external stakeholders, PBRG leads, and my managers while nervously shaking my leg, fearing that I would stutter during introductions or say something unprofessional, which undermined my confidence. However, thanks to Sharon's guidance and the valuable experiences, I have grown significantly. Now, I confidently lead meetings with my feet planted firmly on the ground. My time at Bristol Myers Squibb has been truly transformative due to the impactful experiences and the inspiring individuals I have encountered. This is just the beginning of my professional career, and I feel well-prepared to continue my journey, armed with the wisdom I have gained at BMS.

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