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August 19 2022

Just outside Melbourne, Australia you’ll find one of three BMS Capability Centres globally. Like all BMS locations and team members across the globe, employees at the Mulgrave Capability Centre—HQ for BMS Australia—are engaged in meaningful and interesting work focused on transforming patients’ lives. The excitement and challenge of this mission, and a culture of inclusion and diversity, is what Mulgrave employees love most about going to work.

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Nozomi Mandic, Senior Sourcing Manager of Strategic Sourcing and Procurement of Asia-Pacific Sourcing Excellence at the Mulgrave Capability Centre in Australia

It's also about making a difference in the lives of patients, which is central to the BMS mission.

“When I learned about BMS, I was quite moved by the company’s mission, vision and values,” explained Nozomi Mandic, Senior Sourcing Manager of Strategic Sourcing and Procurement of Asia-Pacific (APAC) Sourcing Excellence at the Mulgrave Capability Centre in Australia. “I like how people at BMS are working for one simple but most important goal—helping patients.”


The Mulgrave Capability Centre supports all BMS affiliates across the (APAC) region with talented People Services and Enabling Functions teams, including Strategic Sourcing and Procurement. Team members collaborate across the globe to source the best solutions and innovate on behalf of patients.

As the head office for BMS Australia, Mulgrave offers career opportunities across all other business functions, including sales, marketing, legal, clinical trials, supply chain and logistics. And the good news is, we’re hiring.


Inclusion is the difference

Located 25 kilometers from Melbourne, the Mulgrave Capability Centre offers employees a convenient workplace with plenty of diversity and inclusion. “People at Mulgrave are very open, friendly and lively,” shared Nozomi. “We welcome so many different ethnicities from all over the world and it’s a very close-knit environment. Our language capabilities allow us to easily interact and relate to each other.”

Natalie Golding, Talent Acquisition Manager at Mulgrave, also thrives on the inclusive culture. “We’re located in southeastern suburbs of Melbourne, quite a multicultural area. Candidates continually tell us, ‘you are really strong on diversity and inclusion,' and it’s true. Even when we gather together for lunch at the office, we always bring different types of food, and share tidbits about our culture and backgrounds.”

No such thing as a “typical day”


When Nozomi left Japan for Australia, she was hoping to find an employer who would help her reach career goals, and that’s exactly what she found at BMS. She noticed the integrity and authenticity of her interviewer and thought to herself, “if this person is what BMS is, then I definitely want to work at BMS.”

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Natalie Golding, Talent Acquisition Manager at Mulgrave Capability Centre in Australia

Upon joining BMS in Mulgrave, Nozomi’s experience and language skills were immediately recognized as an asset—especially because Mandarin and Japanese are frequently spoken throughout the Mulgrave Capability Centre. Her unique background helped her jumpstart her career path and work toward her goal of becoming a people manager. By taking advantage of the growth opportunities offered to all employees and seizing more responsibility when possible, Nozomi’s career path opened up. Recently, she achieved her goal and is now managing a team in procurement. 

“There are different roles in procurement, but our team manages strategic sourcing—everything from bidding and contracting to negotiation and sourcing the best goods and services to optimize the business requirements,” she said. “And, ultimately (and most importantly), helping patients who are waiting for medicine.”

Natalie is also motivated by the important talent acquisition work she and her team do every day and noted that job seekers are drawn to this mission. “Every piece of work we do is really assisting a patient. At the end of the journey, that’s what all the work is for.”

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Hitomi Huang, Senior HR Advisor, at Mulgrave Australia Capability Centre

And as Senior HR Advisor Hitomi Huang shared, “We never have the same day twice. We always have so much to explore.” She elaborated, "We could be implementing a new process or project, like the training and materials program we recently instituted to ensure new team members have a smooth transition. I'm really proud of that work."

Exploring interesting work


Interesting work makes for exciting days for the team at Mulgrave. From worldwide network of supply chains, and the ever-changing nature of both business and science, new opportunities are all in a day’s work. And that’s just how BMS employees seem to like it.


“It never gets boring,” Nozomi said. “We work with teams across the globe every day and that’s really exciting.”

It’s easy to collaborate successfully when you work for a company that’s intentional about development and growth. BMS fosters a culture of support, encouraging people to ask for help and work together to create the best solutions. And with a global workforce, there’s plenty of knowledge and advice available.

"The organization welcomes all questions, from all backgrounds and levels of experience," said Hitomi. "It's an open environment and those questions often lead to brilliant findings."

“When you say you need help, people just come forward and start helping you,” Nozomi said. “I always feel comfortable putting my hand up that I need help, because I know people will help me.” And that’s because BMS employees know the best work comes when we work as a team and support each other.

Natalie elaborated on this BMS characteristic. “It’s giving people the opportunity and making sure it’s a stretch for them, but you’re not putting them in a situation where it’s too much to handle. We're all accountable for our work but there is always support available.”

Hitomi agreed and added that at BMS “there are so many opportunities to grow yourself.”

For anyone with Mandarin and Japanese language skills who wants to do interesting work that makes a difference, a career at the BMS Mulgrave Capability Centre could be the answer. Explore a variety of open roles today at

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