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Careers defined by meaningful and interesting work

Welcome, and thank you for your interest. The work we do at Bristol Myers Squibb transforms the lives of patients as well as the careers of those who do that work. Whether you are a trainee early in your career, or an experienced professional, BMS provides on-going opportunities to grow and thrive in an inclusive and diverse environment. This is where it gets interesting.

So why Bristol Myers Squibb?

“Because you should be given the opportunity to develop yourself in a team of creative and talented colleagues, all of whom unite one goal: improving the lives of people with serious illnesses.
To do this, we all contribute our knowledge and skills, talent and passion. This commitment to patients is not only the basis for innovation, but also the compass for our activities as a socially responsible company. This includes, for example, advocating for equal opportunities and better medical care worldwide.
Because we want to develop you through our comprehensive services and provide you with an attractive work environment. This is based on our “People Strategy” with the focus on “Engage – Empower – Enrich.”
Because you can become part of our mission to advance the research, development and delivery of innovative medicines for patients with severe diseases.
Because you can make a difference and we can make a difference together.
Because we are among the top employers of 2022 and offer you a variety of career opportunities.
Looking for more answers to your question about why Bristol Myers Squibb should become your employer? We look forward to hearing from you.”

What Bristol Myers Squibb has to offer

  • 37.5 full-time weekly hours
  • 30 days of vacation per calendar year (full-time)
  • Rewarding each individual’s commitment through performance and performance components in pay, including that all employees are eligible for rewards or bonuses
  • Leave of absence for special occasions (e.g. relocation, marriage, caring for children or relatives) in accordance with collective agreement
  • Flexible work schedule through our new Smart Working Model for inside and field-based positions: balance between remote working and working in the office, as well as future part-time concepts for sabbaticals, etc.
  • Aligned onboarding program for new employees, internal to the beginning of the quarter
  • Diverse, needs-based training offer, e. g. executive training, project management, Business English or MS Office
  • Regular goal setting and development discussions (Performance@bms)
  • Strong learning culture to build your individual strengths and achieve your personal goals
  • Talent Management: BMS aims to develop all employees (“talent”) according to their individual potential. This learning can be done “on the job,“, i.e. during the current role, as well as through targeted training, project responsibilities or international and national programs.
  • Works Restaurant and Working Café with Barista Bar
  • Rooftop/Lounge/Atrium
  • Coffee bar
  • Mineral water and fruit
  • In-house masseur
  • Office fitness center with a variety of sports classes
  • Gym pass membership option
  • Transportation allowance for public transport or underground parking space in the office building
  • High-quality company vehicles with safety devices
  • Annual Driving Safety Training
  • Childcare allowance (max. €150 net per month per child)
  • Sponsorship of caring facilities at two cooperating child care facilities in Munich
  • Confidential advice for you and your family in all life situations
  • Working with an independent service provider to find a care facility
  • Family Care Consulting Service
  • Free addiction, conflict and budget advice
  • Employer-funded insurance-based pension scheme
  • Additional death benefits; also occupational disability benefits upon request
  • Optional: opportunity-oriented pension scheme through deferred compensation in multi-asset investment funds (deferred compensation)
  • Rate-sponsored deferred compensation for rate employees
  • Direct insurance taken out by employees and subsidized by BMS via group insurance
  • Accident insurance for the professional and private sector
  • Optional: saving in an early retirement fair value account
  • All employees who are covered by the collective bargaining agreement will receive the monthly maximum rate for capital-effective benefits from the 7th month after entry, if these are created as retirement pensions


Career Opportunities with us

Life at BMS

When you join BMS, you are joining a diverse, high-achieving team united by a common mission. We encourage purposeful, innovative and motivated employees to bring your unlimited potential to the team. You’ll pursue leading-edge ideas while advancing professionally alongside some of the brightest minds in biopharma. Together, we will transform patients’ lives through science.

Trainee Program

Trainee Program
The two trainee programs — “Medical” and “Commercial” — offer you the ideal starting point at Bristol Myers Squibb. Through the rotations in the different departments, you can find out which projects you particularly enjoy and where you can best bring yourself and your individual know-how.


Immediately begin pursuing innovative ideas and developing professionally with the support of mentors and thought leaders who share your commitment to making an impact. We value your curiosity and ambition as much as our scientific innovation. Besides finding some of the most interesting work of your career, you can expect transformative opportunities to learn, grow and lead at BMS.

Beginners and experienced professionals

Beginners and experienced professionals (second accordion)

At Bristol Myers Squibb, you will find opportunities and challenges in a wide range of roles and responsibilities. Whether your interest lies in the marketing and distribution of our innovative medicinal products, in the design and implementation of innovative marketing measures, or in the management and co-design of clinical studies in our medical departments, our range of offerings is diverse. Professions range from quality management and quality assurance to functions such as finance, health policy, legal and public relations.


Are you curious, brave, purposeful and motivated to transform patients’ lives with us?


At Bristol Myers Squibb, we value colleagues with diverse experiences that will help us move forward overall. Experience in other industries can often translate well into BMS careers.


Together, we can shape your professional future!

Our Value of Inclusion Circles the Globe

We are proud of our company’s commitment to Inclusion & Diversity and the meaningful steps we are taking to drive equitable advancement and outcomes for all. Our collaborative efforts to foster inclusion require transparency across our organization. We want our workforce, partners and patients to be aware of our culture of inclusion, which encourages all to pursue innovative ideas, develop leadership capabilities and gain valuable, diverse experiences to shape exciting careers.

This inclusion permeates the culture of BMS, as demonstrated by the four active employee-led People and Business Resource Groups (PBRG) in Germany: DAWN, CLIMB, B-NOW and PRIDE. Each of these offer employees opportunities to use their unique skills and perspectives to further inclusion and diversity through support of our company, our communities and our patients around the world.

Our Value of Inclusion Circles the Globe

Promoting our people

With a mission of transforming patients’ lives through science, BMS focuses on a strong learning culture. We offer numerous programs to help our employees build their individual strengths and achieve personal goals.

With the initiative LearningCulture@BMS Germany, we want to create a modern learning environment for all employees, in which self-directed, collaborative and sustainable development is enabled by various offers. These offerings are continuously expanding and evolving and currently include:


  • Easy access to digital learning resources such as LinkedIn Learning, GetAbstract, Cybrary
  • Cross-departmental and cross-business unit Learning Circle for collaborative learning and exchange with colleagues
  • Inspiring impulses from keynote speakers on various topics from the spectrum of learning and development
  • These offerings empower all employees to self-directed and collaborative learning so that growth becomes an integral part of everyday work.

With structured development offers, we support the development of our employees in their current tasks or prepare them for the famous “next step.” The exact configuration is individually adapted to the ambitions of our employees. We offer:


  • Hosted courses virtually or in Munich, e.g. for self-organization, working in matrix structures or personal impact
  • Project-related cooperation in other departments, including globally
  • Talent Management Program to support personal development within BMS, focusing on employees with leadership potential and expanding individual competencies
  • Leadership and Coaching (Experienced) Leader Courses

Our day-to-day work is full of challenges, but our colleagues aren’t alone. You will receive support from experienced colleagues and communities in your work, career development and networking…


…by buddies for new colleagues

…by casual networking in various communities (e.g., mystery coffee, running sessions, main tables) virtually or in-person

BMS aims to develop and support all employees according to their individual potential. This funding can be done on the job, i.e. during the current role, as well as through targeted training, project responsibilities or international and national programs.

Our location in Germany

Working at Bristol Myers Squibb is fun!


The central location of Bristol Myers Squibb Headquarters as well as the infrastructure of the building invites you to enjoy your workspace. Whether on foot, bike, S-Bahn, tram or by car, the office building is centrally located on the Hackerbrücke in the heart of Munich.


For cyclists, “park” spaces are available in front of the building as well as in the underground car park. In addition, it is also possible to recharge electric cars in the garage during working hours.


Home office, virtual meetings and digital communications are our New Normal. Achieving our business goals, ownership and mutual trust form the basis for deciding where and how we work to best meet business needs. Working in the office means investing in the site for Bristol Myers Squibb. In 2021, we completely redesigned the office building, including not only the state-of-the-art and ergonomically sophisticated work stations and conference rooms, but also the newly created areas for informal exchange. In addition, the atrium as well as the redesigned canteen, retreat rooms, the work café with barista bar, the gym and in the summer, the rooftop terrace over Munich, are also inviting.

Our work is valued

Bristol Myers Squibb and its employees have been recognized several times. We are proud to be at the forefront of the pharmaceutical industry in terms of equality, environmental, health and safety.


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