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Working in Korea

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Why Bristol Myers Squibb?

BMS provides employees with clear goals and career development, a culture of flexible communication and cooperation, and transparent and fair opportunities. Take a closer look at BMS' recent awards and the schemes that support employee growth.

Acquiring approvals for major drugs, exchanging medical opinions with medical experts, providing new drug opportunities to patients through clinical trials, and delivering up-to-date medical information. Each job is different, but BMS employees work to develop their careers and, above all, to their patients. Employee growth is the company's growth, which in turn leads to providing healthy lives for patients around the world

Featured Opportunities In Korea

The following are just a few of the many opportunities to make an impact at Bristol Myers Squibb Korea. Please explore additional areas of interest through the “Search Jobs” feature above.

We value the work-life balance of our employees

BMS offers a variety of benefits to create an environment where employees can focus on their work.

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We strive for talent development

BMS creates an environment in which employees can pursue innovative ideas, competent work skills, and diverse experiences to shape their successful careers.

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Increase the value of our work

The respect and efforts of BMS' employees are recognized from outside.

Diversity and inclusion

BMS respects the diversity of all employees and values inclusion. Employees' diverse experiences and broad perspectives are the driving force behind innovative business results.

Innovative science is our passion

Learn more about how our Research & Development department works to meet unmet medical needs.

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Developing Our People

Our mission to enhance the lives of our patients requires an investment in a strong learning culture. By providing valuable learning opportunities, connecting you to your passion, and helping you achieve your personal aspirations, we are empowering you to make a difference.

Access thousands of interactive online resources to gain the skills you need, when you need them. Our expansive library of resources covers a wide range of special interest topics in multiple languages through a variety of top learning and development resources powered by LinkedIn Learning.

Engage with instructors and fellow students for half-day or up to three-day programs in a virtual or classroom setting.

  • Leadership & Management Programs: Empowering you to tackle important business issues, develop inclusive leadership skills and helping you to advance your career to meet your aspirations.
    1. Catalyst and Talent Accelerator: unique programs designed to accelerate the leadership potential of high performing individuals to drive global innovation and business results.
    2. Insights for Success: We are committed to creating an inclusive environment and have invested in training for women and underrepresented groups. Our Insights for Success program is offered to diverse employees to enhance their organizational and personal career success and ensure equitable leadership throughout the company.
    3. General Manager Development: We partner with the premier CEDEP organization to build our future General Manager talent through this internationally recognized program.
  • Building Manager Capability: We are committed to cultivating the growth of our managers and senior leaders through providing virtual and in-classroom learning for new, experienced managers and senior leaders.
  • Tuition reimbursement is available to eligible employees who, through their own initiation and desire for development, participate in accredited educational programs that their manager deems will be mutually beneficial to BMS and the employee.
  • Up to 100% of qualifying tuition costs may be covered, based upon manager discretion and budget. Employees must meet all eligibility requirements in order to qualify.

We believe people learn the most through on-the-job experiences. With support and coaching from your colleagues, you’re encouraged to take on stretch assignments that maximize your learning experience.

Our work is challenging and you shouldn't have to go it alone. Connect with a more experienced colleague to be your sounding board and to help guide you forward. In addition to day-to-day coaching and mentoring, members of People and Business Resource Groups are provided mentor/mentee learning and development among employees on a global scale.




  • Pro-Family Benefit Program
    1. Family Day operation (Early leave at 3pm on the third Friday of every quarter)
    2. Family-friendly allowance for family month in May
    3. Provide family-friendly leisure support programs through various business partnerships
    1. Various institutional support related to pregnancy/childbirth/childrearing
    2. Monthly prenatal examination leave, parental leave for up to one year, full support for hospitalization and surgery expenses for childbirth, support for school expenses provided for an unlimited number of children, etc.
  • Housing fund support-Improving housing stability and work motivation of employees
  • Support for school expenses for children-Support for school expenses from preschool children to college students
  • Congratulations and condolences support-Congratulations and condolences are paid when congratulations and condolences occur in the house, such as marriage, childbirth, birthdays, and first aid.
  • Health check-up-Regular health check-ups of employees and spouses are conducted for the health management of employees and their families.
  • Group life security charge
    1. Assistance for diagnosis and treatment of injuries, diseases, and cancers of employees
    2. Support for inpatient medical expenses for employees and spouses
  • Vacation system-It encourages work-life balance and supports vacations that can harm your family and refresh.
  • Flexible work, short work, and autonomous commuting system
  • Commuting support through vehicle allowance and commuting expenses assistance
  • Long-term service rewards-Provides rewards and vacations every 5 years to those who have worked for more than 5 years
  • Support for club activities

Awards & Achievements

Innovative on all fronts, Bristol Myers Squibb and its employees have been awarded numerous, distinguished awards and recognitions. We are proud to be one of the best companies for working mothers, a great place to work for scientists and industry leaders in environment, equality, health and safety.