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Student Opportunities

Every career has a starting line

You can begin your career by pursuing a life-changing mission to help patients prevail over serious diseases. You’ll discover an engaging workplace where everyone is empowered to innovate and make a positive impact. You’ll receive hands-on experience and support projects that address real-world challenges.


Explore your interest areas, experiment with big ideas and personalize your career path.

Unlock your potential

Whether you’re a student who is looking to gain some experience in a summer internship, an undergrad who is trying to gain school credit through a co-op program, or are a recent graduate who is ready to explore a full-time rotational program, our early in career programs are ready for you.

Revamp your resume 

Your resume is often our first chance to meet you. Use these tips to help yours stand out!

Be clear.

Skip or explain acronyms and show your most relevant accomplishments.

Be succinct.

If you can, keep it to one page.

Be accurate.

Make sure your information is correct and consistent with your LinkedIn and other profiles.

Be error-free.

Spelling, grammar and punctuation matter; proofread carefully!

Prepare for your interview 

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Before your interview 

  • Do your homework. Learn as much as you can about Bristol Myers Squibb and the program you are applying for.
  • Plan to ask questions in addition to answering questions.
  • Prepare a one-minute response to “Tell me about yourself?”
  • Prepare multiple copies of your resume and any other materials you will share.
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During your interview 

  • Present yourself professionally and honestly. Be confident in your abilities.
  • Limit distractions (such as text messages, phone calls, barking dogs, etc.) for virtual interviews.
  • Be authentic when you tell your story. Use examples to showcase your skills and personality.
  • Listen actively to your interviewer. Make eye contact, shake hands and say, “Thank you” when you leave.
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After your interview 

  • Always write a thank you note to the individuals you met with.
  • Reiterate your enthusiasm for the position and your interest in continuing the conversation.

Transform from classmate to colleague 

Our structured internship, co-op, rotational and fellowship programs are designed to support the development of your goals, interests and leadership skills. Did you know that some of our programs have been running for over 20 years?

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Have questions? 

Ripley has answers!

Chat with our Recruiting Assistant named Ripley. Ripley knows all about ​our student and graduate opportunities. Just ask!​

Try asking:

When do you hire summer interns?

Do you have jobs for recent grads?

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Your career can have meaning. Your work can change lives. Join our talent community today so we can stay in touch about our uniquely interesting career opportunities. This is where transformations happen.

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