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BMS Boudry: Drug Development Opportunity in a Culturally Diverse Hub

May 30, 2024
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Opportunity to grow as leaders. Breakthrough science that addresses unmet medical needs. Talented colleagues in a multicultural environment. Diversity of thought and perspective. These powerful forces are what drew two senior leaders to BMS Boudry. Hear why Matthew Klimek, Vice President, Global Program Lead, Hematology, and Nikolay Delev, MD, Clinical Development Program Lead, Rheumatology, relocated from the U.S. to Switzerland and are happy to call BMS Boudry home.

At the Intersection of Professional and Personal Opportunity

BMS employee Matthew Klimek in dark suit jacket.
Matthew Klimek, Vice President, Global Program Lead, Hematology in BMS Boudry, Switzerland

For Matthew, the decision to relocate to Boudry, Switzerland was twofold. First, it presented the opportunity to combine his experience in commercialization and regulatory affairs in a role that oversees a lymphoma asset in BMS’ hematology pipeline. “The deep pipeline, great science, talented people, and the potential of the asset I’m now leading were all attractive to me,” said Matthew. “We are at a point in time where we can really shape the future of this program and help make a real difference for patients with lymphoma.”

Meeting his personal goals was also important to Matthew. “Moving from California to Boudry brought us closer to our family in France,” he shared. “My children are happy here. And that’s something this site offers — the ability to grow your professional career and, at the same time, be sure that your family is growing and thriving in a place that's great for them.”

Growing a Clinical Group from the Ground Up

BMS employee Nikolay Delev in navy blue blazer.
Nikolay Delev, MD, Clinical Development Program Lead, Rheumatology in BMS Boudry, Switzerland

For Nikolay, relocating to Boudry came down to one word: growth. A physician by training, Nikolay cultivated an interest in immunology and inflammation early in his career. “It was one of my favorite topics in medical school,” he says. “It’s close to my heart and has stayed with me for the long run.”
In 2023, Nikolay relocated from BMS’ Princeton, New Jersey location to Boudry, to establish and lead a newly formed clinical group. “I moved to Boudry in order to further grow and develop the company’s footprint in immunology,” he said, “and also to grow my career on an international level.” In the last year, Nikolay established his clinical group from the ground up. Starting from zero, he successfully recruited a core group of scientists and physicians to Boudry. When Nikolay considers candidates, he evaluates three key criteria: their professional background, their level of expertise for successfully serving and growing in drug development, and “the energy and the passion — the soft skills they bring to the role.”

Contributing to Scientific Breakthroughs at BMS Boudry

BMS’ unwavering commitment to patients ultimately inspired Matthew to join the organization. “I knew that BMS is going to continue investing for the future,” he said. “They are looking for people who can make an impact, who bring diversity of thought, and who will help bring great science to patients around the world.”

Matthew shares that the specific program he works on is a “first-in-class potential asset in lymphoma — a disease area with high unmet needs across various segments.” He notes that both the expertise and history in hematology development at BMS Boudry are unique, and offer a competitive advantage that he and his team are able to leverage.

“When I joined BMS, I knew there was a strong history in hematology, but I was impressed by the degree of knowledge and expertise,” he shared. “The depth of the teams around you at Boudry, and their deep commitment and investment, are motivating.”

BMS’ steadfast focus on addressing unmet medical needs resonates strongly with Nikolay too. “On all fronts, BMS continues to be at the cutting edge of innovation,” he said. “We are committed to harnessing the power of science and of research to address challenges that are happening across the world, with diseases that remain either untreated or partially covered by available therapies.”

Providing a Space Where Leaders Can Lead

For Matthew, taking on a leadership role at BMS has come with support and confidence from the top down. “I feel a high sense of trust, accountability and support from the leadership that’s around me,” he shared. He believes the leadership at BMS allows other leaders the ability to create an environment where individuals can flourish and where leaders can inspire their teams.

“It comes through in the autonomy provided to me,” he said. “I have the space and flexibility to lead our team in a way that both aligns with BMS’ core values and is comfortable to me.”

Intentionality and inclusivity are also cornerstones of leadership at BMS Boudry. “We open the floor to all voices, and encourage everyone to share their thoughts, their experiences, and to be heard,” said Nikolay. “It's a diverse environment that provokes different thoughts and welcomes a difference of opinions.”

As a member of the site leadership team, Nikolay says they intentionally “look from the perspective of a whole site to promote what he calls ‘inclusiveness of thought.’” Such inclusivity is reflected in the types of candidates who are drawn to BMS. “I believe that around the world, we are passionate about making an impact on the lives of patients,” said Nikolay. “BMS attracts inclusive talent that has an open, diverse perspective.” He also states that for candidates who want to grow their career, opportunity is abundant. “You can expand from one particular assignment to another; you can gain experience in different functions. At BMS, we as leaders encourage that type of growth.”

Multiple Nationalities Under One Roof

Candidates who seek a vibrant, diverse environment will find it at BMS Boudry. With 1,000 employees spanning over 50 nationalities, Nikolay finds such diversity invigorating and rewarding. “On a project level, you will be in the room with colleagues coming from multiple nationalities,” he said. “Coming from different angles, they bring different regional perspectives — around the patient point of view or the perspectives of health authorities, technical assessment agencies or payers.”

Matthew also says that such diversity extends beyond the conference room, to the cafeteria and the corridors. “At the Boudry site, on a day-to-day basis, you’re exposed to people from many different cultures across the world.” He encourages anyone coming into the Boudry site to “embrace the ability to live in a multicultural environment every day.”

Bring Your Expertise to BMS Boudry

If you are inspired to follow in Matthew’s and Nikolay’s footsteps, and do interesting, meaningful work in a diverse environment, we encourage you to explore opportunities in drug development at BMS Boudry.