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BMS Cruiserath: Stories of Opportunity and Flexibility at Expanding Campus

May 23, 2024
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BMS employee Padraig Landers in a dark sweater, standing in an office setting
Padraig Landers, Senior Director of Sterile Drug Product Manufacturing Operations in BMS Cruiserath, Ireland

Bristol Myers Squibb’s Cruiserath campus near Dublin has, for years now, been a growing multi-purpose pharmaceutical production facility. Over the next two years, that expansion is progressing even quicker as we work toward opening a brand-new sterile drug product operation, resulting in the creation of hundreds of new roles including manufacturing, quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC), supply chain and engineering roles to name a few.

Padraig Landers, Senior Director of Sterile Drug Production (SDP), and Amy Kenny, Senior Warehouse Manager, have been at our Cruiserath campus for 8 and 7 years respectively, and — like many of their Cruiserath colleagues — they are now moving up into new and exciting roles within this key groundbreaking facility that will be delivering critical medicines across EU markets.

Padraig and Amy spoke of the mentoring, managerial support and the flexibility that allowed each of them to explore the different career avenues available, which in turn opened doors to opportunities within this latest facility.

Support and Guidance from Managers

“When I came on board, I wasn’t somebody who necessarily planned out a five-year horizon,” said Padraig. “But I was exposed to many opportunities across different areas, and I was encouraged to apply for site quality head, which I got. My managers had confidence in me, and helped me own my development — to look outside my day-to-day. That’s been a constant conversation we’ve had over the years at BMS.”

Like Padraig, Amy got exposure to different opportunities which she had never really considered. “I had a conversation with my manager about wanting to try something new,” she said. “A warehouse role came up and after looking at the job description, I didn’t really think I had the qualifications. But I reached out to the hiring manager who encouraged me to apply, and with my transferrable skills and background, I was welcomed to the team.”

New Facility Rising, New Roles Needed

As senior director of the new sterile drug facility, Padraig weighed in on the many different phases of construction as well as the hiring and training that needs to happen in parallel. “As well as the design, construction and qualifying of the site, we need to build a team to operationalize the facility,” Padraig said. “We have many of the key leaders in place and we’re looking for senior manager shift leaders and technical leads. Our bulk hiring phase will then be searching for manufacturing, QC, QA, supply chain, warehousing roles and the like.”

When asked about the experience levels of candidates and available roles, Padraig was quick to note that candidates were welcome — and needed — at all levels. “We’ll certainly be targeting graduates and early career starters, as well as more experienced individuals,” he said. “We’re planning on attending a number of graduate and career fairs specifically for that purpose — to answer questions and provide new graduates with the information needed to apply.”

Discovering Potential and Growing into a Role

BMS Employee Amy Kenny is a black top
Amy Kenny, Senior Warehouse Manager in BMS Cruiserath, Ireland

When talking about upcoming graduates and their potential interest in a BMS career at the Cruiserath campus, Amy recalled that while her passion for science was always there, her consideration of a career in pharma didn’t happen until late in her university study. Even then, it was far removed from her current role as senior warehouse manager, logistics and cryogenics.

“I hadn’t considered working in pharma or biopharma until I experienced a six-month internship to get hands-on experience,” Amy said. “That led to 11 years with another pharma company before joining BMS thanks to school contacts of mine who were at BMS and who had great things to say about the company. I can say that the training I’ve received at BMS in my seven years here has been great, and it’s on-going.”

Interesting and Fulfilling Work – a Reason to Believe

Training and on-going educational opportunities are often mentioned as selling points by colleagues, but just as high on that list of reasons to consider a BMS career is the interesting and meaningful work a Cruiserath role can offer.

“When I think about my motivation, it’s in the context of, ‘who do I want to win for?’” said Padraig. “And my position provides the environment where I want to — and can — win for the people I work with, the site I represent, the company I work for, and ultimately the patients that we serve. That drives me toward wanting to improve and doing that in a team environment. Our new SDP facility will continue to contribute to that.”

When speaking about her day-to-day responsibilities and her team, Amy also speaks in heartfelt tones. “I’m very passionate about what I do and just as passionate about my team,” she added. “I love coming to work and knowing I’m making a difference in someone’s life. Here, you really can do something you love.”

A Culture that Gives Back

The culture surrounding the Cruiserath campus is another attraction to both Padraig and Amy, providing positives that help set BMS Cruiserath apart from previous pharma companies they’ve spent time at.

“I love the culture at BMS,” offered Amy. “Everyone is so supportive and helpful; it’s just a great atmosphere. When I interview people, they ask, ‘Why do you like coming here?’ It’s the patient stories, the brilliant people, how BMS plays to people’s strengths and potential in order to help each other grow. It really is inspiring.”

Padraig agreed and mentioned a recent exchange with a newer employee to get that individual’s perspective. “When I asked, ‘Does it feel different from the last place you worked?’ He replied, ‘It does — it feels collaborative, supportive and welcoming, and I feel trusted in my role.’ And when I reflect on that, that resonates because that’s how I feel.”


May 2024

Explore Your Possibilities at the Cruiserath Campus

If Padraig’s and Amy’s sentiments about career, passion and motivation inspire you, explore what the BMS Cruiserath campus has to offer for your aspirations, goals and next career move, whether you’re early in your career, or searching for that next opportunity to further explore your potential. Learn more about BMS here.