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Life At BMS

Global Wellbeing at Work—How BMS Helps Employees Stay Energized

February 25, 2022
Careers Home  /  Career Stories  /  Global Wellbeing at Work—How BMS Helps Employees Stay Energized
Emily Raines, Global Wellbeing Lead at BMS
Emily Raines, Global Wellbeing Lead at BMS

At BMS, the work we do for patients can change lives, so we make sure each employee feels empowered, motivated and supported in their efforts. When the pandemic hit, the global wellbeing initiatives and programs already in place helped us stay a step ahead in supporting our teams through truly unprecedented times.

“Because we had a holistic wellbeing strategy already established before the pandemic, we were well-positioned to reinforce and promote the resources we already had and to remind people to take advantage,” said Emily Raines, Global Wellbeing Lead at BMS. “We were also able to pivot quickly and make some of those resources more accessible digitally.”

Knowing that doing our best work means bringing our best selves to work, BMS provides employees with a range of services, resources and encouragement to help sustain their wellbeing. We’ve highlighted just a small sampling of them below.

Global Work Flexibility

Depending on your role and job requirements, many employees enjoy flexible work schedules. “Many of our people are empowered to be in control of their schedules, incorporating time for themselves and keeping focused on their true priorities,” said Emily. “That could mean adding 30 minutes on your calendar for a walk or attending a mindfulness session and combining that with the flexibility to take care of your responsibilities outside of work as well.”

Wellbeing Champions & Mental Health Allies

Helen Todd, Global Service & Content Specialist, People Services, European Capability Centre
Helen Todd, Global Service & Content Specialist, People Services, European Capability Centre

Often, our colleagues end up being the best source of support because we spend so much of our time with them. According to Emily, BMS has a network of about 350 volunteers around the world who are really passionate about wellbeing and want to share it with their colleagues. She noted, “They’re constantly coming up with fun projects that help people feel more included and connected. We recently did a global cookbook initiative where employees from all over the world shared their favorite recipes and the stories behind them, celebrating culture and diversity.” There are also a number of mentoring and coaching programs available to help others grow professionally.

In addition to everyday champions, you’ll find a variety of people stepping up as mental health allies to help their colleagues navigate personal and business challenges.

“Sometimes providing a friendly, confidential and neutral ear can make the difference to a colleague who is experiencing stress, isolation or any issue that life throws at them along the way,” said Helen Todd, Global Service & Content Specialist, People Services, European Capability Centre. “Mental health allies are not trained professionals, but they can direct you to support resources in all areas of wellbeing, including physical, emotional and financial—available within BMS or externally.”

Global Financial Wellbeing

BMS is also committed to providing meaningful and approachable financial education to empower our global diverse workforce to achieve personal financial goals throughout all stages of life.

“A lot of companies struggle with having some kind of financial wellbeing program globally, but BMS has done an incredible job of helping our people across regions of the world become more financially confident,” added Emily.

Incentives for Healthy Habits

To support steps to a healthier life, BMS offers health incentives at some of our locations. For instance, some markets have access to a web-based wellbeing platform that provides a number of health resources, with the opportunity to earn incentives in certain countries through over 100 healthy actions, so employees can focus on what is right for them. Employees also have access to state-of-the-art fitness centers at our larger campuses, and more recently, a wide range of virtual workout classes and events.

Global Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Nobuyoshi Kodani, Associate Director, Clinical Operations, BMS Japan

All BMS employees and their families have access to programs to manage everything from finding daycare or legal assistance, to more complex issues including addiction and recovery.

“We want people to focus on their wellbeing, live a healthy lifestyle, and be fulfilled. By doing so, they will also be energized to make a greater impact for our patients,” added Emily.

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Information in this article does not replace or amend the policy and plan documents in any instance. Should there be a conflict, the applicable policy and plan documents govern. Employee benefits and opportunities may vary by role and location.