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How Carla Daily Unlocked Her Career ‘Superpowers’ at BMS

December 14, 2021
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At Bristol Myers Squibb, we believe that bringing innovative medicines to patients requires a workforce with diverse experiences, perspectives, and personal backgrounds. Our People and Business Resource Groups (PBRGs) reflect these values and offer our workforce proactive opportunities to shape a culture of inclusion.

PBRGs are an integral part of the BMS culture. They empower employees, drive vital change within the company, and bring us closer to meeting the needs of patients. They also provide opportunities for employees to find mentors and explore their career aspirations. Perhaps no one knows this better than Carla Daily, a current member of all eight PBRGs. She blossomed under the mentorship of PBRG co-chairs at the start of her career and is now paying it forward to others.

A non-traditional career path

Carla is currently our Senior Director of Strategy and Business Development of People Operations, though she’s worked in an impressive array of roles and departments during her 19 years with the company — from facilities, to clinical trial development, to congress management. Carla credits her active participation in the Black Organization for Leadership and Development (BOLD) PBRG with helping her advance her career and pursue diverse and exciting experiences.

‘One thousand and one mentors’

When Carla first joined BOLD, she worked in research and development and was eager to learn other areas of the business. The PBRG co-chairs at that time gave her personal, hands-on guidance to help her realize her potential, helping her pursue another opportunity within the company.

“It was those three individuals who really helped me navigate a transition from R&D into commercial,” Carla says. “They then became my sponsors, my mentors.” One helped her prepare by conducting mock interviews; another recommended her as a candidate during leadership team meetings; the third, who worked in HR, helped her navigate the entire hiring process.

Within six months, Carla successfully landed a new role. And as her network expanded, so did her opportunities. She says that her ability to connect with others, and to offer solutions across the organization, is her “superpower.” Carla’s current role specializes in People Operations and was created because she identified an area of the company that could use additional help, and positioned herself to be the solution. “I saw a need, and I spoke up,” she says.

Thanks to the connections made through the PBRGs, Carla says she doesn’t feel like she’s ever had one, singular mentor. Rather, she’s had “one thousand and one mentors,” a network of trusted colleagues she can go to for different reasons, who can come to her in turn. “Everybody should be in at least one PBRG,” she says. “What you're going to get out of it is that kind of ‘for us, by us’ professional development.”


Paying it forward

Another benefit of being involved with a PBRG, Carla says, is that “it allows you to strengthen muscles that you’re not sure you have. It’s a safe place for development.” In her case, working as a member of the BOLD leadership team taught her how to lead while helping others in the company to perceive her as a leader as well.

Though she initially joined the PBRGs to expand her network, Carla quickly realized how she can use them as a means of mentoring and supporting others, leveraging her connections, and imparting the wisdom she’s gained.

“I felt like, ‘If I’m getting so much out of this, I have to give back,’” Carla says. “It's taking all of my experiences over the past 19 years and being able to help people successfully navigate their career. How can they really think about their own superpowers and translate that into their career journey? I just want to give back.”

What is your superpower? Explore career opportunities at BMS and bring your unique talents and diverse perspectives to our mission. Here career development and leadership support await you. From scientific research and marketing to finance and analytics you can make a positive impact here. Explore job openings at careers.bms.com/jobs.