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在 Bristol Myers Squibb,我們所從事的事業(通常是為需要全新思維模式與工作方式的新興治療領域提供支持)將幫助人們戰勝嚴重疾病。這份工作不僅改變患者生命,更影響著每一位從業者的一生。我們的日常工作獨具趣味,更卓爾不凡。在這裡,我們推陳出新,迎接挑戰,為生命創造新的奇蹟。

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Why Bristol Myers Squibb?

Our obligation to patients forms the basis of scientific innovations and guides responsible social conduct. The commitment to equal opportunities in health and better medical assistance in the world is obviously part of this.

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Diversity & Inclusion

With our diverse staff, we create a high-performance culture that includes all employees, marked by agility, entrepreneurship and a sense of responsibility.


Developing our people

Our research, development and production of innovative medicines enables us to help patients with serious illnesses, which is why at Bristol Myers Squibb we promote a strong culture of knowledge. We offer many programs for our employees to develop and develop their individual strengths and enable them to achieve their personal goals.

Digital learning is an important building block when it comes to being able to expand one's personal knowledge in a flexible way: wherever and whenever Bristol Myers Squibb employees can access thousands of interactive online courses. Our digital training offering covers a wide range of topics of particular interest in various languages, including extensive training programs available on LinkedIn Learning.

We encourage the development of our employees and managers both through modules and through digital training offers. We give them the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills, through dedicated and personalized programs, to enable them to continuously improve and be able to meet the most challenging entrepreneurial challenges.

Our day-to-day work is made up of challenges that our colleagues do not face alone: more experienced colleagues stand by their side to help them. To complement the support provided by our colleagues on a daily basis, Bristol Myers Squibb offers a global coaching and mentoring program.


我們邀請您與我們的一些員工見面,他們是我們使命的體現和表率。他們的話語極具個性並充滿力量,有助於講述 Bristol Myers Squibb 的故事。

Celgene (a BMS company) Boudry, Neuchâtel

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Celgene Chemicals Sàrl (a BMS company), Zofingen/AG

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Bristol Myers Squibb SA, Steinhausen/ZG

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We are recognized for the work we do

Innovative on every front

Bristol Myers Squibb and its employees have been awarded numerous, distinguished awards and recognitions. We are proud to be one of the best companies for working mothers, a great place to work for scientists and industry leaders in environment, equality, health and safety.

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