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Welcome, and thank you for your interest. The work we do at Bristol Myers Squibb transforms the lives of patients as well as the careers of those who do that work. Whether you are a trainee early in your career, or an experienced professional, BMS provides on-going opportunities to grow and thrive in an inclusive and diverse environment. This is where it gets interesting.

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So why Bristol Myers Squibb?

    • Because you should be given the opportunity to develop yourself in a team of creative and talented colleagues, all of whom unite one goal: improving the lives of people with serious illnesses.
    • To do this, we all contribute our knowledge and skills, talent and passion. This commitment to patients is not only the basis for innovation, but also the compass for our activities as a socially responsible company. This includes, for example, advocating for equal opportunities and better medical care worldwide.
    • Because we want to develop you through our comprehensive services and provide you with an attractive work environment. This is based on our “People Strategy” with the focus on “Engage – Empower – Enrich.”
    • Because you can become part of our mission to advance the research, development and delivery of innovative medicines for patients with severe diseases.
    • Because you can make a difference and we can make a difference together.
    • Because we are among the top employers of 2022 and offer you a variety of career opportunities.

Looking for more answers to your question about why Bristol Myers Squibb should become your employer? We look forward to hearing from you.

Das bietet Dir Bristol Myers Squibb

    • 37,5 Wochenstunden in Vollzeit
    • 30 Tage Urlaub pro Kalenderjahr (bei Vollzeit)
    • Honorierung des Engagements jedes Einzelnen durch leistungs- und erfolgsabhängige Komponenten in der Bezahlung, das heißt unter anderem, dass alle Mitarbeiter:innen prämien- oder bonusberechtigt sind
    • Freistellung für besondere Anlässe (z. B. Umzug, Eheschließung, Pflege von Kindern oder Angehörigen) - gemäß Tarifvertrag
    • Flexible Arbeitszeitgestaltung durch unser neues Smart Working Model für den Innendienst und Außendienst: Balance zwischen Remote Working und Arbeiten im Büro sowie zukünftige Teilzeitkonzepte für den Außendienst; Sabbaticals etc.
    • Abgestimmtes Onboarding Programm für neue Mitarbeiter: innen zum Quartalsbeginn
    • Vielfältiges, bedarfsorientiertes Trainingsangebot, z.B. Führungskräftetrainings, Projektmanagement, Business English oder MS Office
    • Regelmäßige Zielvereinbarungs- und Entwicklungsgespräche (Performance@bms)
    • Ausgeprägte Lernkultur zum Ausbau Deiner individuellen Stärken und zum Erreichen Deiner persönlichen Ziele
    • Talent Management: BMS verfolgt das Ziel, alle Mitarbeiter:innen („talents“) entsprechend ihres individuellen Potenzials weiterzuentwickeln und zu fördern. Diese Förderung kann sowohl „on the job“, d.h. während der Ausübung der aktuellen Rolle, als auch durch gezielte Trainings, Projektverantwortlichkeiten oder internationale und nationale Programme erfolgen.
    • Betriebsrestaurant und Working Café mit Barista Bar
    • Dachterrasse/Lounge/ Atrium
    • Kaffeebar
    • Mineralwasser und Obst
    • Masseur im Haus
    • Fitness-Center im Büro mit vielfältigen Sportkurse
    • Option der Gympass-Mitgliedschaft
    • Fahrtkostenzuschuss für ÖPNV oder Tiefgaragenstellplatz im Bürogebäude


    • Hochwertige Dienstfahrzeuge mit Sicherheitseinrichtungen
    • Jährliches Fahrsicherheitstraining
    • Kinderbetreuungszuschuss (max. 150 € netto pro Monat und Kind)
    • Sponsoring von Betreuungsplätzen bei zwei kooperierenden Kinderbetreuungseinrichtungen in München
    • Vertrauliche Beratung für Dich und Deine Familie in allen Lebenslagen
    • Zusammenarbeit mit einem unabhängigen Dienstleister in der Findung einer Betreuungseinrichtung
    • Beratungsleistung bei der Pflege von Familienangehörigen
    • Kostenfreie Sucht-, Konflikt- und Budgetberatung
    • Arbeitgeberfinanzierte Altersversorgung auf Versicherungsbasis​
    • Zusätzlich Todesfallleistungen, auf Wunsch auch Berufsunfähigkeitsleistungen​
    • Optional: Chancenorientierte Altersversorgung durch Entgeltumwandlung in Multi-Asset Investment Fonds (Deferred Compensation)​
    • Tarifgeförderte Entgeltumwandlung für Tarifmitarbeiter:innen​
    • Durch Arbeitnehmer:in abgeschlossene und von BMS bezuschusste Direktversicherung über eine Gruppenversicherung
    • Unfallversicherung für den beruflichen und privaten Bereich​
    • Optional: Ansparen eines Zeitwertkontos für den Vorruhestand​
    • Alle tariflichen Mitarbeiter:innen erhalten ab dem 7. Monat nach Eintritt den monatlichen Höchstsatz für vermögenswirksame Leistungen, sofern diese als Altersvorsorge angelegt werden​

Career Opportunities with us

When you join BMS, you are joining a diverse, high-achieving team united by a common mission. We encourage purposeful, innovative and motivated employees to bring your unlimited potential to the team. You’ll pursue leading-edge ideas while advancing professionally alongside some of the brightest minds in biopharma. Together, we will transform patients’ lives through science.

The two trainee programs — “Medical” and “Commercial” — offer you the ideal starting point at Bristol Myers Squibb. Through the rotations in the different departments, you can find out which projects you particularly enjoy and where you can best bring yourself and your individual know-how.

Immediately begin pursuing innovative ideas and developing professionally with the support of mentors and thought leaders who share your commitment to making an impact. We value your curiosity and ambition as much as our scientific innovation. Besides finding some of the most interesting work of your career, you can expect transformative opportunities to learn, grow and lead at BMS.

Find out more about our trainee programs

Engage with instructors and fellow students for half-day or up to three-day programs in a virtual or classroom setting.

  • Leadership and Management Programs: Empowering you to tackle important business issues, develop inclusive leadership skills and helping you to advance your career to meet your aspirations.
    1. Insights for Success: We are committed to creating an inclusive environment and have invested in training for woman and underrepresented groups. Our Insights for Success program is offered to diverse employees to enhance their organizational and personal career success and ensure equitable leadership throughout the company.
    2. General Manager Development: We partner with the premier CEDEP organization to build our future General Manager talent through this internationally recognized program.
  • Building Manager Capability: We are committed to cultivating the growth of our managers and senior leaders through providing virtual and in-classroom learning for new, experienced managers and senior leaders.

Beginners and experienced professionals

At Bristol Myers Squibb, you will find opportunities and challenges in a wide range of roles and responsibilities. Whether your interest lies in the marketing and distribution of our innovative medicinal products, in the design and implementation of innovative marketing measures, or in the management and co-design of clinical studies in our medical departments, our range of offerings is diverse. Professions range from quality management and quality assurance to functions such as finance, health policy, legal and public relations.

Are you curious, brave, purposeful and motivated to transform patients’ lives with us?

At Bristol Myers Squibb, we value colleagues with diverse experiences that will help us move forward overall. Experience in other industries can often translate well into BMS careers.

Together, we can shape your professional future! Learn more about open roles today here


Our Value of Inclusion Circles the Globe

We are proud of our company’s commitment to Inclusion & Diversity and the meaningful steps we are taking to drive equitable advancement and outcomes for all. Our collaborative efforts to foster inclusion require transparency across our organization. We want our workforce, partners and patients to be aware of our culture of inclusion, which encourages all to pursue innovative ideas, develop leadership capabilities and gain valuable, diverse experiences to shape exciting careers.

This inclusion permeates the culture of BMS, as demonstrated by the four active employee-led People and Business Resource Groups (PBRG) in Germany: DAWN, CLIMB, B-NOW and PRIDE. Each of these offer employees opportunities to use their unique skills and perspectives to further inclusion and diversity through support of our company, our communities and our patients around the world.

We incent, recognize, reward and celebrate those who consistently embody our mission and behaviors to reach above and beyond, driving our business forward. We do this in a few ways:

  • Compensation: Our competitive compensation program aligns with a pay-for-performance culture and an unwavering commitment to the company’s mission. We provide competitive base salaries and significant opportunities to earn variable compensation in the form of bonuses and/or stock-based compensation. Our variable pay plans reward a balance of individual and company performance.
  • Bonuses: We win when we work together. That’s why our annual bonus plan rewards both individual and company performance, including the discovery and development of new medicines and the delivery of current medicines to the patients who need them. In addition, our sales incentive plans reinforce our commitment to delivering transformative medicines to patients by providing competitive incentive opportunities to our field sales professionals.
  • Recognition Awards: We believe in the power of "thank you" and celebrating the extraordinary behaviors, efforts and achievements of our employees. With our global Bravo platform, you can recognize fellow employees from across the aisle or around the world, encouraging others to join in through social recognition.
  • Employee Referral Program: When you refer a friend whose passion and talent are the right fit for us, and we hire them, you receive a cash bonus as thanks.
  • Anniversaries: In celebration of our time together, we honor employee’s service milestones and continued commitment to our mission.

Mit diesen Angeboten wollen wir alle Mitarbeiter:innen zum selbstgesteuerten und kollaborativen Lernen befähigen, damit Lernen ein fester Bestandteil des täglichen Arbeitens wird.

We are a culture of savers who recognize the value of saving early and often and seize the opportunities to do so. Our broad range of benefits opportunities can enrich your total rewards experience and financial readiness to take on whatever is next in your life:

  • 401(k) Savings Plan: When you participate in our tax-advantaged 401(k) plan, we match your contribution dollar-for-dollar up to 6% of eligible pay for U.S. employees who do not participate in a collective bargaining agreement. For eligible employees, we make an annual additional company contribution as a percentage of your eligible pay based on age and service.
  • Health and Insurance Benefits: You have the opportunity to choose from a variety of medical, dental and life insurance options to meet your and your family’s needs. Additional choices include vision care, legal services and identity theft protection.
  • Disability Coverage: If you become disabled, our company-funded short- and long-term disability benefits ensure that all or a portion of your income continues so you can focus on getting better and returning to work.
  • Tax-Advantaged Health Savings and Flexible Spending Accounts: Health savings and flexible spending accounts—available based on your medical plan option—give you the option to save and/or reimburse yourself on a tax-advantaged basis for eligible expenses. Additional eligibility rules apply, based on IRS requirements.
  • Business Travel Coverage: We provide coverage for when you need help during business travel—from international assistance services in an emergency to urgent medical care and travel accident insurance.
  • Scholarships for Employee's Children: Every year, we reward up to 50 undergraduate scholarships to children of employees.
  • Charitable Donations: When you make a charitable donation to an eligible organization, we match it dollar for dollar.




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Working With Us

When you join BMS, you are joining a diverse, high-achieving team united by a common mission. Here, you’ll get the chance to grow and thrive through opportunities that are uncommon in scale and scope. You’ll pursue innovative ideas while advancing professionally alongside some of the brightest minds in biopharma. With our emphasis on inclusion, employee engagement, and collaborative teams, you can expect to find dynamic support and unique resources to drive your career forward.

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