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The Business of Building Global Oncology Commercial Leaders — Bridget Newberry and Martha Kosinski

March 25, 2023
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Careers Home  /  Career Stories  /  The Business of Building Global Oncology Commercial Leaders — Bridget Newberry and Martha Kosinski

Worldwide Oncology Commercial (WWOC) provides the opportunity to Learn Fast, Grow Fast by delivering on a commitment to build leaders in an inclusive and collaborative environment, while fostering career growth across diverse functions within the group. WWOC delivers crucial strategic and innovative excellence that helps provide cancer patients with potentially life-changing medicines. It’s incredibly significant and groundbreaking work requiring the dedication of some of the best talent in biopharma, like Bridget Newberry, Executive Director, GI Tumors, and Martha Kosinski, Executive Director, Worldwide Oncology Strategy. They each had backgrounds in other companies and disciplines before coming to Worldwide Oncology Commercial, where they continuously expand their knowledge and skill to grow and thrive as leaders.

Aggregate Value

Bridget Newberry, Executive Director, Commercialization Lead, GI Tumors
Bridget Newberry, Executive Director, Commercialization Lead, GI Tumors

Bridget, who calls her particular career journey “eclectic,” views it as a means for her to add diverse expertise and fresh thinking to every role. Starting in biology and pre-med, Bridget found work in biologics manufacturing and bioprocess research and development (R&D), with the thought that she would eventually go back to medical school. Instead, she decided to pursue advanced degrees while moving to the medical side of the business.

“I wanted to be closer to the patient. In bioprocess R&D, you're so far removed. So, I went out into the field as a medical science liaison (MSL) before I came into more traditional commercial roles. It was a great way to be working with researchers who were also treating patients.”

While she found being an MSL personally fulfilling, Bridget realized that she wanted to have a different kind of impact on patient outcomes by helping shape the strategy for their life-changing medicines. That led her to Worldwide Oncology Commercial — with a few stops along the way, including a stint in US marketing, franchise strategy and as global brand leader for an HIV drug.

BMS was Bridget’s first foray into oncology, starting in early assets, and it was the skill and experience working elsewhere that served her well in this role. Oncology was also an area that she not only had a personal connection to, but one that was very patient-centric. Bridget found herself in a fast-moving, collaborative environment that provided more opportunities to further grow her career, becoming an executive director in a short period of time.

“Oncology moves so quickly and there's so much to be done that someone coming from a diverse pharma background, no matter what it is, can find a home here. We have strategy under the worldwide umbrella. We have business development. For me, within a year and a half after joining BMS I found this amazing opportunity to go from early assets to a tumor lead position.”

Down to Business

Martha Kosinski, Executive Director, Worldwide Oncology Strategy
Martha Kosinski, Executive Director, Worldwide Oncology Strategy

Martha studied economics as well as pre-med, before starting her career in a corporate finance role that laid the foundation for her strong business acumen. An intense interest in the strategic side of things led her to consulting, a merger of sorts between her business background — having just earned an MBA — and scientific fluency. In consulting she navigated complex healthcare and strategic issues, managing teams of PhDs, MDs and MBAs to deliver meaningful and actionable recommendations that gave her the experience that helped land a role in WWOC.

Given her work on oncology for her clients, Martha was drawn to BMS for the same reasons Bridget was — to transform the lives of patients. She also wanted opportunities to build a career at a leading oncology company that had a global reach. BMS was at the top of Martha’s list of major oncology companies, and she found a role in WWOC focusing on business development.

This business development role was a great fit as it combined Martha’s strategy and diligence experience from consulting with a role where she could make an immediate impact at BMS. She points to the Learn Fast, Grow Fast culture of WWOC for creating the right environment as she developed and advanced among one of the most complex disease areas at BMS.

“I first came in as a director and grew within that title into different roles, taking on more responsibilities. My current position of Executive Director, Worldwide Oncology Strategy was a promotion for me. Four of the five years at BMS have been spent in worldwide oncology, and yet I'm doing different things. I'm learning and growing as a person and professionally. That’s what makes me excited to come to work every day.”

Common Purpose

Both women came to BMS from different journeys and found a shared experience within WWOC — unmatched growth opportunities in a dynamic work environment that keeps pace with the science of oncology. They see it as the perfect mix of doing interesting and meaningful work and thriving in the WWOC’s Learn Fast, Grow Fast culture. They continue to uphold a passion for patients and be inspired by other high-achieving colleagues while they work together to make a positive impact on patients’ lives.

“That’s why I stay at BMS,” says Martha. “Everyone is so collaborative. We’re always trying to help each other out because this company cares about me and about how I'm learning. There’s so much room to grow; you could spend your whole career here and still be challenged.”

Bridget reflects on her career and how it eventually led her to the WWOC team at BMS. “Joining commercial made me more impactful and able to move our company agenda forward. The whole concept of strategy is about doing the right thing, but it's also about what you're not going to do. Focusing on what is most impactful for patients was what inspires me to stay in commercial. And the people and the culture are why I stay at BMS."

Worldwide Oncology Commercial at BMS might be the place for you to help make a difference and grow into a successful leader like Bridget and Martha. Find out how we’re creating meaningful growth opportunities while driving impact through superior execution as we shape the future through strategic influence. Come expand what’s possible in cancer care. Learn more at careers.bms.com.