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WWOC — Where Oncology Marketing Careers Thrive and Grow Fast

July 12, 2023
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As the organization’s name implies, Worldwide Oncology Commercial (WWOC) at Bristol Myers Squibb develops and shapes the oncology commercialization strategy at BMS on a global scale. WWOC offers a collaborative and fast-paced environment that works to ensure patient access to new cancer therapies as quickly as possible. As such, WWOC, with the promise to Learn Fast, Grow Fast, offers unmatched opportunities for leadership development and career growth — within the organization as well as beyond — to help transform the lives of cancer patients.

Michael Allard, Sachin Gholap and Neo Miyashita served as Directors within WWOC before recent promotions to new positions within BMS. They reflected on their respective experiences and how their tenures in WWOC enhanced and refined their leadership skills while they took their careers to the next level.

Bringing Varied Backgrounds to Global Careers

Naohisa Miyashita, Executive Director, Head of Commercialization Excellence, Japan

Neo Miyashita is the Head of Commercial Excellence, serving on the BMS Japan Leadership Team. Before joining WWOC, he was a Brand Lead and Franchise Lead within the BMS Japanese local market, overseeing the successful launch of hepatitis drugs and establishment of the GI cancer drug franchise. Taking on a global role was a career aspiration of his, requiring a different leadership approach in order to anticipate future marketing needs while looking strategically at the entire life cycle of the oncology drugs his team was managing.

“Rather than applying vertical or hierarchical leadership skills that I had used previously to manage my local commercial team, I instead had to develop a more horizontal leadership style. This meant learning how to influence and partner with my peers in other functions such as medical access, regulatory and clinical, to achieve our shared goals,” he explained. “So, in order to develop market insights and analyze data gathered from various sources in a global context to evaluate the drug’s commercial viability, I had to learn how to lead cross-functionally.”

Sachin Gholap, Director, US Oncology Marketing, who started as Immuno-Oncology Marketing Lead in the United Kingdom, feels WWOC experience prepared him well for his current US leadership role.

“I am more equipped now having worked in WWOC,” said Sachin. “It empowered me to accelerate as a professional and as a leader. When you go into the Worldwide team, the number of stakeholders goes up tenfold. Speaking up is encouraged as you’re working with core groups covering a broad range of expertise such as medical, access and business analytic teams. But the scale of the potential impact is much larger.”

From a career development perspective, going from a local market in the UK to WWOC, then continuing to progress within US Marketing has given Sachin a comprehensive understanding of working within different markets with a diverse group of people. “In a global role, having to work with so many different nationalities, cultures, individuals, who have different ways of doing things, made me a lot more holistic as a leader. I became more aware of what was happening in different markets across the globe and therefore better equipped to support and adapt accordingly to what was needed at a centralized level in Worldwide.”

Sachin Gholap, Director, US Oncology Marketing

Varied Skill Sets to Make a Difference in Oncology

Before joining WWOC, Michael Allard had a number of careers within BMS that motivated and energized him to keep learning. He went from working in marketing roles to leading sales teams, gaining experience in different therapeutic areas along the way. He took advantage of BMS “tours of duty” and temporary assignments that exposed him to Worldwide roles and US business culture while expanding his BMS network.

Oncology attracted him because of the rapidly-evolving pace of the science plus the sense of urgency in addressing the needs of patients fighting cancer — all of which aligned with WWOC’s Learn Fast, Grow Fast culture, expanding his leadership capabilities, and setting the course for a transition to his current role as Director, US Oncology Marketing.

Michael Allard, Director, US Oncology Marketing

“I'm someone that likes to get out of my comfort zone on a regular basis. I need to learn new things all the time, which is something I’m definitely experiencing in oncology, and BMS has consistently provided me with opportunities to grow,” said Michael.

For Sachin, his UK market and Worldwide experiences exposed him to a collaborative culture where patient outcomes were the priority. He believes there are ample opportunities for those coming from other therapeutic areas to also grow and thrive.

“It comes back to the ability to adapt, to be able to think fast, to be flexible, to be able to pivot when decisions aren't going your way,” he said. “These qualities — no matter where one has developed them — I think they can absolutely apply to oncology.”

Finding Opportunities to Learn Fast, Grow Fast..

For the high-performing individual, the rewards — both professional and personal — of working in oncology, specifically within WWOC at BMS, are numerous. From the day-to-day challenges in the pursuit of excellence and the fast pace in an ever-evolving therapeutic field, to the ability to have a real impact on the lives of patients, it’s no wonder that employees like Michael, Sachin and Neo chose WWOC in which to grow their careers. We invite you to learn more about careers at BMS and envision yourself with unmatched opportunities to shape the future of cancer care.